XPEL’s Prime Window Tints

Recently, XPEL has come out with a new product that focuses on improving window tinting technology. XPEL Prime improves on existing window tinting technology by using ceramic particles, blocking heat & UV rays better, and by providing greater clarity for sound and vision.

Ceramic Particle Technology is easier for iShine For You to install, and acts as a barrier to infrared heat. You know when you leave your car out in the sun for a while and when you finally get in its hot? Not warm- but hot. That is infrared heat at work. The same thing can happen when you are just driving around, especially in darker colored vehicles. Although ceramic particle technology cannot get rid of this phenomenon completely, it will make your car more comfortable in reducing that infrared heat!

Heat Rejection is another feature in XPEL’s new Prime Window Tints. These new tints provide SPF 1,000 protection that blocks 99% of UV rays. These UV rays can lead to premature aging, skin cell damage, and even cancer. These new Prime Technology Tints can play a big role in making sure you look good when you step outside the car!

Clarity is also improved with XPEL’s Prime Window Tints. Old technology would make it difficult for drivers to see out of their tinted windows, making driving dangerous! Now with XPEL’s Prime Window Tints, drivers are able to receive all of the above benefits without having to reduce their outbound visibility. It should also be noted that these window tints do not interfere with the radio, bluetooth, or any other devices you may have- making sure you drive in comfort!

At iShine For You, we offer two packages for window tints. You can tint your two front windows for $200, or you can tint all four windows for $400. Make sure you stay up to date on any incoming deals we have by monitoring our Facebook page and subscribing to our email list.

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