WINTER is finally here!! This week and for weeks to come we will wake up to find ice covering our cars. At iShine For You, we’ve written articles about the outside elements such as rain, heat, and snow and they have an effect on your car paint if not properly treated, but what about ICE?

From our study, we haven’t seen any damage from ice just sitting  on vehicles, since our thoughts it will just melt away when the Sun appears. However, some of us work in all conditions and need to go to work, so what should we do if we need to remove the ice to get to work? What if the door is frozen, how can you get in to warm-up the car?   Of course, we want you to get to work but the best way to avoid any problems is by using proper tools and techniques without damaging your glass or car paint.


One of the ways you can remove ice from your car without damaging it is by using a good Alcohol based product. There are many products on the market today where you can spray or pour alcohol on to the frozen areas which will cause the ice to melt. Once the ice has thawed, push the ice off by hand. Its very important to pickup the big chunks of ice in lieu of pushing so it will not scrape the paint of the car. Our amazing products that help we recommend is our ceramic coatings. Our Glassparency product will help with your glass and Xpel Fusion Plus will help with your car paint.

Yes hot water seems like the quickest and easy thing to do when you are in a rush. It can lead to a expensive repair if you are not careful. Yes, it can work and there are many articles written online, but the extreme temperatures outside can shatter your glass if you are not careful. Its best to avoid this method if possible.


Ice Scraper

We highly recommend using a ice scraper on your glass ONLY. If you decide to use an ice scraper, try to only use it to push ice off your glass with the sharp edges. If there is a brush try to brush it off. Be careful around your painted areas of the car, as this can chip or scratch your paint. A snow shovel can also scratch the paint and glass, so try to avoid using that when it comes to removing ice.

iShine’s Ceramic Coating

As mentioned above, our paint and glass protection services such as Xpel and Glassparency, can aid in the thawing process. Watch the video here of the Glassparency in action and watch the Xpel video here.   And be sure subscribe to read more. Checkout our gallery to view pictures of vehicles.

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