Winter Detailing Checklist

Ready for winter? Now that the season is upon us, it is important that we keep our cars looking as good as when we first bought them! In this article, we highlighted some ways to keep your car looking great for this season. If you want these services done by us, make sure to call (757) 378-2844 or visit our website,, to schedule an appointment with us.


  1. Wash: Make sure to thoroughly wash the exterior of your vehicle. Don’t let salt, dust, and other grime to pollute the outside of your vehicle! If you want iShine to wash your vehicle, check out our premium hand washing service.
  2. Wax: Waxing protects the exterior of your vehicle from dirt, snow, and everything in between! Waxing your vehicle regularly prevents pre-mature rusting. Defending your vehicle from the elements is important to remember every winter, so make sure you get this done as soon as you can! If you would like iShine’s waxing services, we offer several ceramic coating products.
  3. Under the hood: Make sure nothing is frozen or no leaves have fallen under your hood- this can harm your car’s internal systems.
  4. Wheels: Dirt, snow, and dust easily sticks to wheels, and can reduce traction on your wheels. Protecting your wheels is protecting your passengers! To counteract this, make sure you clean your wheels and wax them whenever possible for added protection! If you would like iShine’s services, we offer a couple wheel solutions.
  5. Windows: Cleaning your windows helps to prevent frost, ice, and other elements from sticking too much and making them hard to see through. To stay safe, clean your windows! Especially if you were just out, make sure to look at your windows and determine if they are adequately cleaned.


  1. Floor of vehicle: After walking outside and getting snow on your shoes, it is easy to forget that the snow can ruin the interior of your car. The snow will often melt, creating the possibility for water damage. This can be avoided by taking the time to clean the interior of the vehicle and making sure to not enter the car with snow! If you do have water damage, iShine can help to restore your vehicle.
  2. Doors: The doors of our vehicles are often overlooked, butt it is important that the doors are cleaned as well as the rest of the vehicle! Snow can easily accumulate in doors, and over time this can lead to doors jamming, sealing cracking/freezing, and tearing apart. Make sure this does not happen!
  3. Interior Glass: During winter, condensation can often accumulate on the inside of a vehicle. Often, this can be wiped away with a clean sleeve. However, using the wrong material can damage the window and scratch the interior window. Make sure to check out iShine’s towels for fantastic products that can be used to clean your vehicle today!

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