What to Look For Before Applying Paint Protection Film

At some point or another, we’ve all seem to fall in love with the car we first see off the lot. First its the look, then the feel, then the smell and last the ride of the vehicle. Our next thought is how to keep this NEW car NEW? YOU may consider to just park it in the garage with hopes no one touches the car but you. You may consider a wax, sealant, ceramic coating, or even a paint protection film. All of these are options to protect your vehicle but… what about the OEM paint. Is it suitable for either option listed? It very well can be but you may have some paint defects that you have not noticed. Here is what to consider when looking to protect your vehicle:

-Bring a “knowledgeable” car enthusiast with you to inspect the vehicle
-Research the history of the vehicle OEM Paint
-Join online blogs/social media groups to find out more information about the vehicle
-Buy or borrow a paint thickness meter to measure paint thickness for inconsistent measurements around the vehicle
-Test drive the vehicle and take it to a detailer and verify if the vehicle is to your liking

If the vehicle checks out satisfactory, consider whats the best option to protect your vehicle. Our company like to say its best to protect your vehicle with Paint Protection Film since it helps protects the OEM paint from Rock Chips, road debris, and major road grime. Best part you can remove and replace years later and your vehicle will look the same way you purchased the vehicle.

Paint Protection Film is extremely durable, provide excellent rock chip protection and self healing effects. If you are considering a protection option that blends in, we have 4 packages to choose from:

-Partial Frontal Package
-Partial Plus Package
-Full Frontal Package
-Full Vehicle Package

Image Courtesy of: Mirrored Image Auto Spa
2021 Porsche Taycan

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