We Found the Fountain of Youth (For Your Car!)

As your car gets battered by sun rays, rock scratches, and other general wear and tear, it is important to know how you can keep your car looking brand new! If you keep pushing back on maintaining your vehicle, it will only cost more money in the future. I’ll do it tomorrow turns into I’ll do it next week to I’ll do it next year. Don’t wait to keep your car looking nice!

By using the following products, you can prevent your car from aging, and can even make your car look brand new! By combining ceramic coating and paint protection film, you can achieve all of the above!

While Paint Protection Film protects your car from rock chips, absorbs scratches, and has self-healing properties…Ceramic Pro keeps your paint decontaminated, makes cleaning easier, and enhances your cars appearance. What does all that mean? Basically- your car will look new for longer!

Many of our guests don’t realize that ceramic coating and paint protection film can both be applied to your car’s surface. Because there are enough differences between the two products, you can have the best of both worlds for your car!

Does this interest you? Do you want to find the Fountain of Youth for your car? Schedule a time to come in at iShine For You!

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