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It’s March, and time to dust off those nasty cars for the Spring and Summer so you can attend your local car meetup, car shows, and have family adventures. Some may have even purchased a newer vehicle and would like to keep it clean for years to come. There is nothing quite like owning a newer vehicle with the low miles, new car scent, and fresh tires. However…

A car that comes off the lot is not always truly new. We had the pleasure of working on some very cool luxury cars, but some seem to be in worse shape than the new cars we have seen recently. Car experts have said that whenever products are sold in bulk, there is often a noticeable decrease in quality. According to the Statista Portal, in 2018, approximately 17.2 million vehicles were sold to customers in the United States. Many who buy cars do not buy any vehicle protection, but the people who do are often leaving the dealership with protection that does not last long at all. If you are looking to keep your new car protected, look below to see our solution!

Paint Protection Film

We offer paint protection film, a colored polyurethane film that is applied to your vehicle, protecting it from dents, scratches, rocks, and more. At iShine For You, we offer Xpel’s ULTIMATE PLUS line, which uses special polymer technology which allows the film to heal itself over time. This allows the film to last much longer than usual, making paint protection film an investment for your vehicle.

Fusion Plus

FUSION PLUS uses Silicon Dioxide technology. It is a complex chemical matrix that is unique to us. A combination of several technologies that cross-link very strongly to form a strong 9H coating.

XPEL Fusion Plus Glass

Xpel Fusion Plus Glass Coating provides a clear protective layer on your glass surfaces to help keep your glass clean. Due to this product’s hydrophobic properties, it also helps cleaning and maintaining your glass surfaces.


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