Vehicle Protection in the Colder Months

We are halfway through September, and we all know that it only gets colder from here! There are many ways to protect your car with iShine For You’s services, but one of the most common ways is to get our paint protection film. We have already been over the many benefits that our customers receive when they purchase paint protection film- but we have not really talked about why paint protection film is the perfect protection for winter.

iShine For You knows that many of the people who read our posts are true car enthusiasts- the type of people to clean their car every week- the type of people who want to make sure that when they ride around they are looking brand new! But be warned! Exposing your car to constantly changing temperatures can damage your vehicle. For example, if you go to clean your hood with warm water on a Saturday and then Sunday the temperature drops 30 degrees- your car my be damaged. Paint protection film makes sure that your car is protected from constantly fluctuating temperatures- the type that we experience in the winter!

You should also take note if you are a Tesla owner! Paint protection film is a great way to protect your car for the next several years while making sure it looks brand new. Once you have your Tesla protected, make sure you bring it to our upcoming Tesla Tuesday! We are hosting a Tesla meetup with Alewerks Brewery, providing drinks, music, and more for all of our beloved guests. Even if you don’t have a Tesla- come through and see what some of our customers are driving! This September 28th at 6pm- don’t miss this opportunity!

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