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Tinting Your Windows with iShine

Ford F-150 with tinted windows

Here at iShine For You, we believe in protecting our customer’s cars. One of the most over-looked aspects to vehicle protection is tinting windows. Here are some reasons to get your windows tinted as soon as possible:

  • Protecting Yourself: Window tints prevent the driver from getting blinded by the Sun or other bright lights
  • Protecting Your Car: Harmful UV rays, which window tints block, can discolor and crack leather seats
  • Greater Privacy: Window tints allow the driver and passengers to clearly see outside of the car, but prevents others from easily looking inside
  • Aesthetics: Window tints often give vehicles a slick look that compliment an iShine detailing
  • Energy Efficiency: Having window tints reduces the amount of heat that gets into the vehicle, which reduces the need for A/C

Now is a good time to get your windows tinted before the winter season hits us! Tinted windows add visibility for the driver, which creates safer driving conditions, even during harsh weather. Window tints also trap heat inside of the vehicle, creating a warmer and more comfortable environment for the driver and passengers. So why wait? Come and get the iShine Experience today!

Come to 5691 Mooretown Road Williamsburg, VA or call (757) 378-2844 to get brand new window tints installed on your car! We are open Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm, and on Saturdays (Appointment only).

Kia with window tints

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