The World’s Dirtiest Car

Check out this video where a guy details the “Dirtiest Car Ever!”:

From this video, you can see some of the detailing process in action. Although our customer cars are not as dirty, here at iShine For You, we often have customers whose cars need a deep cleaning. See below for some pictures of a vehicle we cleaned recently!


Our customer badly needed their entire interior to be detailed, as mold and dust was gathering everywhere. No problem! We gave them the iShine Experience so they could feel good driving around their vehicle. It is important that your car looks as good as it drives, so be sure to schedule an appointment with us or call at (757) 378-2844 to get your interior detailed today! It is never “too late” to get your car detailed, but it never pays to wait until the last minute. We recommend that you consider getting the interior and exterior of your vehicle detailed every couple of months. It really makes a difference!

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