Surface Protection For Your Used Car

Check Out Our Used Car Prep Package

iShine’s Used Car Prep Package is designed to make your car, truck, van or SUV look like new. As used car prices soar, it becomes more important for you to take care of your car and to avoid replacing it for a while.

At iShine For You Auto Detailing, we have the experience, tools and knowledge on how to fix current imperfections, as well as how to prevent and protect against future problems in your vehicle’s paint and wheels. If you’ve recently purchased a used car, but the paint seems to be scratched (or if your vehicle has scratches), stop on by and let us take a look at it. In just about 30 minutes, we can give you an estimate on what is needed to get your vehicle looking the way it was meant to. Whether you choose a ceramic coating or paint protection film, this package is customized to your vehicle (and your budget!) and includes:

  • Compounding and/or Polishing vehicle to remove any wash marks from improper washing or automatic car washes
  • IPA solution applied to remove any polishing oils
  • Vehicle (body, glass, wheels) protected with a Ceramic Coating or Paint Protection Film

To book your Used Car Prep Package estimate, head over to our scheduling page to make an appointment! Please schedule at least 24 hours in advance to insure time and date. We can also be reached at (757) 378-2844. Our Shine For You!

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