Protect Your Tesla With iShine For You!

Check out this freshly protected Tesla Model Y! One of our valued guests came into our shop looking for the full treatment- paint protection film, ceramic coating, and 70% ceramic tint. When the Tesla first came up to us, it was not really protected. As it drove away, we knew that this Model Y would be protected for years to come!

At iShine For You, we are focused on making sure your car is the best looking and most protected vehicle on the road. Our paint protection film and ceramic solutions are built specially to make sure that our guests’ cars can achieve both of the above goals. We have different packages depending on what your specific needs are. Not sure what you need? Call us at (757) 378-2844!

Make sure you protect your vehicle! Stop by iShine For You Auto Detailing- we are your friendly local detailers, and welcome any new guests. Our job is to make your car shine like it just came from the dealership- all you have to do in order to receive this five-star service is schedule with us below!

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