Protect Your Car’s Paint With Style

There are many options when it comes to protecting your vehicles paint. There are many options when it comes to protecting your vehicles paint. One of our more popular offerings is our paint protection film packages, which provides reliable protection while keeping your vehicle looking like it just out of the dealership! One of our favorite features that paint protection film offers is that it is invisible.

Paint protection film uses what is called “clear bra protection”, as opposed to leather bras. Leather bras, although a nice protection alternative, can stick out like a sore thumb on your car! At iShine For You Auto Detailing, we care about keeping your car protected but we also care about keeping your car looking beautiful.

iShine For You offers clear bra & paint protection film because it keeps your car looking nice, the protection is reliable & durable, and the self-healing effects that are in place. All of this adds up to a product that can be useful to all of our customers for a long time! We also realize that maybe you don’t want to protect your entire car, but maybe just part of your front, or maybe you DO want to protect your entire card. Well- you’re in luck! We offer all of the above.

Our packages include:

  1. Partial Protection- front bumpers, mirrors, fenders, hood
  2. Highway Package- full frontal, partial hood, partial fenders & mirrors
  3. Full Frontal Package (our most popular)- full & smooth protection for bumper, headlights, fenders, hood, and mirrors
  4. Full Car Protection- protect all sections of your vehicle!

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