Making a car look brand new after water damage

Properly Caring For Dormant Cars

This year, tons of vehicles have remained dormant in garages. It may have been a while since you broke out your car, but consider having it inspected and checked for water and mold damage before you start driving it around! When cars are left in a garage for months at a time, it is common for them to start collecting mold and water. This can eventually lead to unpleasant damage, which reduces the value of your car and can put passengers’ health at risk.

Water damage is common nowadays, and can come from a variety of places such as windows seals, door seals, and more. If you find excessive water damage in your vehicle, be sure to contact your vehicle insurance provider. Your insurance adjuster can give your vehicle a thorough look to find how the mold spread and how water was able to enter your vehicle. Often, it makes sense to contact an auto detailing company who has years of experience in order to find the source of the water leakages. If water damage goes long periods without treatment, they will eventually start to collect mold and damage the vehicle. It is important to get these leakages fixed before they cause more damage!

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