6 Benefits of XPEL’s Paint Protection Film

At iShine For You Auto Detailing, we want to make sure our customer’s cars are protected for years to come. One of our products is XPEL’s Paint Protection film, which have noticeable benefits for our customers. In this post, we go over some of the benefits that we believe our customers should pay attention to the most!

1) Cost Savings

Paint protection film will protect your vehicle, reducing the amount you may have to spend on repairs for your vehicle. Although paint protection film has an up-front cost, the savings are spread out over several years as you don’t have to pay so much for repairs.

In addition, XPEL’s clear bra lasts much longer than many other types of protection. While common protection from the dealership may last a few months, paint protection film is set up to protect your vehicle for years. Instead of buying different protection products every year,  you can save time and money by buying paint protection film once!

2) Exterior Protection

All drivers have the same type of nightmare- you are driving on the highway with your brand new car, and suddenly a rock chip comes and scratches the exterior of your new baby! Or maybe, your car’s paint erodes over time due to harmful UV rays, fading the new paint job. Either way, you won’t have to worry about these problems anymore with paint protection film!

3) Reduce Swirls

Swirls that come from car-washing machines create wash lines that can be hard to get out of your vehicle. With paint protection film, those swirls will be prevented- allowing your vehicle’s paint to shine! Similarly, chemicals can lead to discoloration, and paint protection film prevents anything like this from happening!

4) Maintain resale value

Used car buyers put a ton of emphasis on the exterior appearance of their vehicle. Even if you took as many steps necessary to keep the vehicle’s performance up, your vehicle may be rejected because the potential buyer does not think the exterior is good enough! This could lead to them suggesting a lower price, or just walking away entirely. Paint protection film is a great way to maintain your vehicle’s resale value, as protection is top-notch and lasts years at a time!

5) Matches your paint’s finish

Paint Protection Film (or clear bra) is completely invisible, allowing your car’s original paint to shine through! If you get paint protection film, you get the benefits of protection, but do not sacrifice the exterior of your vehicle! This film enhances the look of your car, keeping a glossy finish.

6) Customizable protection

At iShine For You Auto Detailing, we offer several different packages that can fit your budget. If you want to protect just your high-impact areas, we can offer our partial protection package. Or if you want to just protect the front of your car, we offer that package as well! We recommend protecting your entire vehicle, but if you would rather start small, we have the package for you!

If you would like to schedule an appointment, call us at (757) 378-2844, visit us at 5691 Mooretown Road in Williamsburg, or you can schedule right through our website!

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  1. Great read! Xpel is the the top choice for our customers also. The protection it provides is amazing. We can actually perform minor paintless dent repair even after xpel has been applied. Great product!! Thanks again for sharing

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