New Car Prep: Kia Sorento

The owner of this 2021 Kia Sorento is our college friend who has been watching our work over the internet. She called us to inform us that she will be in the area visiting a friend and was interested in receiving some of our  premium Ceramic Coating services on her brand new 2021 Kia Sorento.
Once the Sorento got dropped off we began our prep process. The first step was to tend to the wheels, tires and wheel wells. We did this using an assortment of brushes, microfibers, and pH balanced wheel cleaners.

Once the wheels were clean it was time to wash the paint by rinsing the vehicle, foaming the vehicle, a clean wash mitt, and washing in a side to side motion. We then began clay barring the car to remove the bonded contamination that wasn’t shifted in the wash process…

We were quite surprised to see how much contamination was present on the new car with such little time on the clock. No worries though, this is just a necessary part of the process…

We gave the car a final rinse after the clay bar process, at which point we used the master blaster to dry the car with compressed air. Once the car was decontaminated and dried, we began taping off the trim and edges to avoid getting residue on the edges.

The paint was in pretty good condition however each panel had minor defects, (yes new cars have defects) which required leveling the paint with a compound, microfiber cutting pad to remove major defects, polish and polishing pad…

Then we performed our IPA wipe down to remove polish residue from the vehicle paint to ensure a proper bonding for the ceramic coating. We then applied the ceramic coating to the top surfaces such as the hood, roof, and then tailgate. Next we apply to the sides, starting with passenger side, then work our way around the driver side, and last bumpers.

Lastly we work our way on the interior, we wipe and remove any previous dirt inside the vehicle, beginning with a vacuum. Then its a IPA wipe of all the seats. We then apply the ceramic coating to the seats to protect from dirt and debris while the client enjoys the cockpit of their new vehicle.

Want to have your car protected like our friend here? Contact us today at 757-378-2844 or schedule now on our website.

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