March Madness Starts With Car Show Season!

As everybody is focusing on creating their college basketball brackets for the upcoming March Madness tournament, iShine For You is getting excited for this upcoming car show season. Whether you are a regular at the local drive-ins, cars and coffee, or the various car shows, its time to spruce up the car and show it off!

This year in Virginia, the winter weather  was not only harsh on you, it’s been hard on your car, truck, van or SUV’s paint as well! Luckily, you can help preserve that paint with our paint protection products. We offer paint protection from 3 months to 9 years depending on the level of detail you select.

Our Wash + Ceramic Coating Process

At iShine For You, our WASH + CERAMIC COATING process consists of a paint-safe hand wash and dry of the exterior, trunk and door jambs, windows, mirrors, dashboard, console, wheels and tires. Then we use bug and tar removal, a clay bar and nano skin surface treatment, and a dressing of the outside plastics and rubber as needed. We then buff and polish the exterior to remove imperfections in the paint. Finally we lay down the paint protection to protect against scratches, dings, rock-chips, and bird droppings. We also provide other ceramic coating packages to fit your custom needs, including interior ceramic coating, wheels ceramic coating, and more.

This process can take anywhere from 8 hours to….depending on the amount of swirls and scratches. The trick and main question is the COST? We love to give you a price but its subject to vehicle inspection, so please stop by today!!

To book YOUR WASH +CERAMIC COATING, along with the many other services we provide, head on over to our website. We have custom packages just for you as we love to create a “SHINE JUST FOR YOU“!

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