You bought a new car right and expect it do be flawless (free from scratches and swirls),, but it appears after you drive it off the lot or in the direct sunlight you have a completely different car. Do you know what has happen or how your NEW car looks like a train wreck? Of course the salesman will try to give you the best deal possible, just so you can drive it off the lot and then it depreciates. In most cases, we highly recommend you study the car you are looking to purchase.

We have discovered that our NEW cars are worst than some of your USED cars. In the above picture we have a C8 Corvette. We are in the current year of 2021 and we automatically think its NEW. This vehicle could have been bought last year, which means there is a lot of car washing, dirty towel using, and quick detailer that could have been sprayed. Better yet, it may have even been repainted with trash in the paint or someone may have tried to compound and polish it. We seen readings on this NEW Car below its specified reading, which is why we had to be careful when we compounded and polished the vehicle.

We like the nice and shiny cars  but without proper knowledge of the car and the amount of layers on top of the paint it can end up being a bad car that requires repainting. This is why we emphasize in “Protecting Your Investment”. We recommend our Paint Protection services that will meet your vehicle needs.

Our protective coatings are phenomenal  for your car as it adds a extra layer to your paint and prevents any harsh chemicals from sticking to your car.  Please visit us for a free quote and have your car protected! For inquires we can be reached at 757.378.2844 or by email [email protected]

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