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How often do you get an interior protection or detailing service done to your car? A lot of individuals don’t know how much bacteria is located in their vehicle, perhaps if they did they may get it serviced more frequently or have second thoughts about driving it. Most may not think so much about the knowledgeable germs or bacteria located in the vehicle typically after the kids leave candy in the car seat or spill a little coffee or the few potato chips between the seats. 

According to the article in Forbes, Dr Charles Serba discovered that  cars are littered with bacteria. From his discovery, the dashboard has the second highest number of bacteria, next to food spills. This was based on the results from the movement of air over the dashboard as air is drawn in from the dashboard, and bacteria may be affecting the dashboard as the air is drawn into the air vents. This is also the warmest spot in the vehicle, with direct sunlight shining on the dashboard most of the day. Food spills carry the most because they do carry bacteria and should be removed immediately to prevent bacteria from growing. 

Some stains can worsen when the heat is at extreme high temperatures like pet stains and smells. They not only smell or stain your flooring in your vehicle, the smells often get into your dashboard, air circulation system, headliner and even your seats. As a professional detailer, I wouldn’t recommend or advise leaving baking soda over a pet stain in extreme temperature. I don’t suggest this because it can cause you to have a permanent stain in your carpet and it doesn’t efficiently absorb the smell like it’s supposed to!

At Ishine For You auto detailing we also offer Xpel film protection services as well!  Xpel Film Protection is a film created to resist the growth of microbes on its surface against microorganisms “germs”. This is basically an extra step of precaution and protection for your vehicle from the unwanted things like germs or surface bacteria. Some of the benefits or “signature features” include: Surface protection, gloss and matte finishes, and impact resistance and HD clarity. It’s just like when you go and get your car washed but you want a finishing touch so you go and get it glossed which is a film or coating on your vehicle, this is your finishing touch but inside your vehicle. 

So what do you do in this case? Contact a professional like iShine For You Auto Detailing to clean the interior of your car. We will provide a FREE consultation and give your car the CLEANING/SHINE it needs.


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