Interior Detailing | What really lies underneath?

At iShine, we not only love shiny paint and a clean car but its those times where we have clean those nasty interiors. We receive a variety of vehicles with different stains, odors, and biohazards such as mold, blood, and maggots. Now is the time of year where people are throwing any and everything in the car since its so hot out but also forgetting what can be left behind. Such as food being left in the car, drinks spilling, and not being cleaned up. Do you know what this causes? 

It causes bugs and germs to start growing inside your car. We have seen extreme cases where mold has grown because the car wasn’t moved in 7 months, mice started a nest in a vehicle because of where the vehicle is parked on a daily basis, and we seen maggots because of a milk spill. Now you may ask how does this happen? Well its mainly because of our busy lives and we dont take the time nor do we go to the extreme to have our car cleaned.   Next time you drop food or spill something take a look at this picture:

Be careful of the things you see or hear on the internet. Air fresheners, baking soda, and other fragrances only mask the smell and odors temporarily. The longer the smell is inside the car the more likely it will get into the fibers and panels of the car. So in those extreme cases and things to remember, always remove those food items and spills out of the car after they occur. Getting rid of those odors will not only make the car smell nicer, it will also keep the old car new, and the new car new. We offer a variety of services to remove those odors and preventing any other things from happening such as a shampoo to a ventilation decontamination. 

Our INTERIOR ONLY package, not only cleans the upholstery, but also the dash and interior components, and the ventilation system. Our Interior ONLY package price depends on your size and condition of your vehicle. With that, you’ll get:

  • Clean Windows and Mirrors Inside and Out

  • Wipe Dashboard and Console

  • Vacuum Inside and Trunk

  • Apply Air Freshener (upon request/condition)

  • Clean and Dress Leather, Vinyl and Rubber

  • Shampoo Seats, Mats, Carpets & Door Panels

  • Spot Clean Interior Roof

  • Fine Clean Dash and All Components

  • Clean the ventilation system

  • Remove/replace the Cabin Air Filter

  • Apply protection on your leather or upholstery seats. 


To schedule your INTERIOR ONLY package, head over to our scheduling page ( or give us a call or text at 757-378-2844. 

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