How To Keep Your Car Clean With Dogs!

Dog owners out there- be aware of how you can keep your vehicle clean! We all love our dogs, and we all love our cars. But what happens when our furry friends damage our beloved vehicles? How do we protect our cars while at the same time make sure we spend time with our dogs?

Below we have thought of a few pieces of advice that can help you or a friend make sure that your vehicle stays clean.

Keep a cleaning schedule

Although cleaning your vehicle on a regular basis may be annoying, it is an important technique to minimize any damage! It does not make sense to clean your vehicle after every excursion with your dog, but taking 30 minutes every couple of weeks to keep the backseat clean goes a long way! Make sure you vacuum the seats, flooring, and any other areas that your dog has had contact with. Also, don’t forget your windows! We all know how much dogs love to stick their heads out of windows, but it is easy to forget cleaning the windows is as important as cleaning the carpets!

Keep your dog in one area

We already went over the importance of cleaning your vehicle regularly- but cleaning is just as important as keeping your dog in one area! If your dog is all over the place in your car- backseat, passenger seat, driver seat- you are just making more work for yourself. Keeping your dog in one or two places reduces the amount of areas that need to be cleaned. Similarly- using only one vehicle for your pet makes cleaning much simpler!

Washing Odors

After you clean up any stray dirt or hairs that your pet leaves behind, make sure to take care of any odors or smell left behind! Odors can linger for a while if your dog is in the vehicle wet, and no, opening the windows does not completely solve the problem! There are many different ways to remove odors but spraying down the dog’s area is probably the best option. Beyond that, schedule an appointment with us!

Use a seat cover

One of the easiest ways to keep your vehicle clean while your dog is in one of the seats is to use a seat cover. There are several plastic ones that can be found online, and sometimes a simple blanket can be used to achieve a similar effect. Using a seat cover also makes cleaning the vehicle easy- as a blanket can just be thrown in the wash. Seat covering helps to keep the vehicle clean, and will also protect your seats in the case of scratches.

If you want us to clean your car, make sure to call us at (757) 378-2844 or schedule now on our website. See you soon! If you want to download the thumbnail for this post, here is the link!

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