How is a Ceramic Coating Priced?


What Does It COST? 

So you just bought a new car and you’ll like to protect it. We applaud you for taking the right approach on wanting to protect it. You’ve searched in the car forums, Youtube, and called other detail shops because you keep seeing the term “CERAMIC COATING”  and now you are intrigued on the subject. Our most often asked question that we receive on a daily basis in regards to our Ceramic Pro Packages “how much does it cost?”  In this post we will address this question in the simplest, most clearest way possible.

By just giving us  5 minutes of your time on the phone or better yet in person you will quickly notice that we will try to explain the pricing in the most simple way and be as transparent as possible. But please be aware that there will be a variation on pricing based on different factors. Let’s go over on some of those varying factors: 



The size of your vehicle

A porsche will be much less time consuming than a suburban suv or a lifted full size truck. This will factor into the final price greatly. More man hours will be needed along with more materials being used on a bigger vehicle.



Your Paint’s color

Dark shaded colored vehicles are intensely harder and add extra time consuming, grueling work hours. We also consider the make of the vehicle paint as most luxury vehicles have delicate soft paint (easily scratches) compared to GM paint which is known to have hard paint. 

Condition of the vehicle

Is your car fairly new? 4 years old doesn’t count as new. Even on new vehicles the dealer that you purchased it from might’ve not maintained it correctly. A daily driven vehicle with 100,000 plus miles will more than likely need a whole lot of more work to prepare for the coating than a garage queen kept luxury car with merely 1,000 miles on it. We strongly suggest an consultation to determine the condition of your vehicle’s paint. This is one of the BIGGEST factor that will determine pricing.

 Areas that we are applying the ceramic coating to

Are you only concerned on your vehicle’s paint? Or would you also like to have the ceramic coating protection on your wheels also? Note that in order to apply a ceramic coating on your wheels it takes more time. Your vehicle will have to be put up on a lift and each wheel will have to be thoroughly cleaned and prepped prior to the application.

How about your interior? Did you know that there’s also ceramic coatings aimed to protect your leather, plastic, fabric and vinyl? This will aid in keeping those unwanted stains and spills from sticking to your interior surfaces. 

Leather Protection

Lastly, will we also apply the coating to the glass areas of your vehicle? Ceramic coating on glass is like having a permanent rain-x effect on your windshield.

Over the counter coatings vs professional grade coatings

The difference on these two will be based on the longevity that you’ll expect your coating to last. Over the counter coatings has a max life of 3-5yrs depending on the brand you choose. The preparation steps are key with over the counter coatings as you will have to prep the vehicle properly by removing any waxes and oils from the vehicle paint. There is no manufacturer warranty with a over the counter coating.

If you are going to spend the money and want it done correctly this is when you hire a professional detailer , who will ensure its done properly, you will have a warranty, and you can have any coating available that may fit your budget. 

Qualifications of the detailer applying it

For us this is very crucial. A certified detailer that has taken hundreds of coatings to hundreds of different makes and models, within all of  ages of vehicles will charge more for his or her rendered services. This is largely due to the years of experience that he or she brings to the table.

You must ask your detailer to give you a detailed cost, and ask what is/isn’t included before you making a coating purchase. While you may be getting a “cheap price”, you will likely not be getting a professional grade ceramic coating, a professionally applied consumer grade coating, paint correction services, or other services that you may assume are included in the price.

Educate yourself, ask many questions, do your own diligence research.

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