How Dirty is Your Ride?

Vehicles are breeding grounds for germs, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other microbes. The pandemic situation makes it even more important that we get our vehicles cleaned and disinfected as often as possible. Our interior detailing service gives our guests a way to disinfect their vehicles in a cost-effective manner.

Vehicles, like many confined spaces, are uniquely vulnerable to microbial activity. However, vehicles are often more vulnerable to microbial compared to other spaces. This is due to the frequency in which we use vehicles, the tendency of eating and drinking in our vehicles, and lack of air circulation, all of which are difficult to avoid. These vulnerabilities become even worse when different passengers with dirty shoes and possible illnesses use your car.

Just How Risky is a Ride?

According to a CarRentals survey, 32% of people clean their vehicles only once a year. This allows microbes to spread much easier, as cleaning a vehicle once a year is not enough to keep your vehicle and passengers safe!

Some more shocking facts is that your wheel is dirtier than a toilet seat. That’s right! Your wheel is 6 times dirtier than the average cell phone screen, two times dirtier than public elevator buttons, and 4 times dirtier than a public toilet seat! How do I fix this?

Sanitizing on your own is a good idea, but often car-owners miss spots that may be infected with microbes. Mopping maps and changing the air filter are also a good step in the right direction, but is often not enough to guarantee a clean ride. However, these solutions are often not thorough enough. If you wish to have your vehicle cleaned, come and get the iShine Experience! We do exterior detailing, interior detailing, and much more! Our new flagship service is our interior disinfection service, come check it out. Call us at (757) 378-2844 or go to our website ( and schedule a visit today.


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