Exterior Detailing


Our exterior detailing services involve some of the most extensive techniques in the car care industry. We evaluate every vehicle’s paint to best understand the individual paint system we are working with and take into consideration the condition to reach its full potential without harming or losing the integrity of the finish. We offer a wide variety of services to best fit your car care needs and expectations. The chemicals used to clean and protect your vehicle are all well researched and tested to insure quality and longevity that can be passed down to the client for cutting edge results.

No two vehicles are the same so with our variety of care services from paint decontamination, paint correction, protecting and preserving we can transition your vehicle to like new or better than new condition based on the customized care services provided. You can consider us your exterior appearance specialist!


  • Paint decontamination (multi-stage removes contaminants)
  • Specialty waxes and sealants
  • Ceramic coating application (warranty options)
  • Headlight restoration
  • Wet sanding (defect removal)
  • Mineral deposit removal (water spots)
  • Bug removal
  • Surface oxidation removal
  • Pinstripe/decal removal
  • Paint correction (multi-stage compound & polish)
  • Glass polishing (minor defect removal)
  • Engine cleaning and conditioning
  • Surface scratch removal (NOT below surface )
  • Rim polish (aluminum and chrome)
  • Rubber/plastic trim restoration
  • Paint thickness measurement & inspection
  • Show car preparation
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