Exterior Detailing with iShine For You

Whether we like to admit it or not, all of our cars need exterior detailing at some point! Even if we just got our cars, it is always important to make sure that the exterior is properly detailed, so our cars can look as good as when they were bought. When cleaning the exterior of your car, make sure that your detailer understands the paint system, as to not harm the integrity of the paint finish. All too often, people use the wrong supplies to clean their car, and ruin the paint. Don’t let it happen to you! Make sure you use a professional detailer.

Here at iShine For You Auto Detailing, we make sure to use the right materials and chemicals for your specific needs. Every vehicle is different, and we take our time to get to know your car! We customize our process according to your unique needs, and make sure to deliver five star service!

Our Express Detailing Package starts at $150, our Maintenance Service starts at $93, and our Yearly Detailing Package starts at $520! Make sure to monitor our Facebook to learn about any deals we have!

Our exterior detailing services include paint decontamination, specialty waxes & sealants, ceramic coating applications, headlight restoration, bug removal, decal removal, paint correction, and more! To learn more about our exterior detailing, click below!

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