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I have bad news everyone….summer is over and it’s time for school! iShine wants to help you and your kids to start this new school year with a SHINE. Its time for you to rejuvenate your paint after it took a beating during the summer with trips to the beach and visiting loved ones. So before you pull-up at the school, bus stop, or sporting event, let us give the vehicle its SHINE back.

Soon, everybody will be asking about your new car. They will be shocked when you tell them that the car isn’t new- it just looks it! That’s the magic of coming to iShine For You Auto Detailing and getting your SHINE back.

Schedule your Paint Correction with 10% off and receive a interior cleaning!

The interior cleaning makes the inside of your vehicle look brand new, like it just came from the dealership! Who doesn’t want their 5 year old vehicle to look brand new again? For you car enthusiasts, here is what we do to the interior of your car:

  • Wash and dry your vehicle
  • Decontaminate your paint
  • Clean your rims and tires
  • Clean your undercarriage
  • Clean the door jambs
  • Vacuum interior
  • Wipe down the dash and consoles
  • Dress the vinyl, leather, and rubber
  • Offer you the best Paint Protection that money can buy!

*Prices start as low as $350depending on vehicle size*

Call or email us to schedule your appointment today.  757-378-2844 or [email protected]

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