Ceramic Coating Versus Wax Job

Question: How much does it cost to protect a vehicle?

Short Answer: Its an investment

If you use a local detailer for a wash and wax job, it will cost around $100-150. Here at iShine, we believe that this is undervaluing your vehicle. Your car is an investment, an investment that needs to be well maintained. This is why we recommend Paint Protection Film (PPF) or a Ceramic Coating for the exterior of your vehicle, and a Ceramic Coating for the interior of your vehicle.

Let’s do some math (don’t click away yet- this is important!)

If you take advantage of a typical car wash for $60/month, and buy this option 12 times/year, the annual cost is $720. If you do this for 3 years, the total cost if $2,160. This means that for 3 years, you have spent $2,160 to keep the vehicle washed and waxed, but have spent $0 on preventing scratches on the vehicle paint.

Let’s compare this to a ceramic coating or PPF: By investing $1,500, your car paint won’t fade or oxidize, the resale value will be higher as there will be less scratches if properly maintained, and the exterior will be easier to clean!

Now ask yourself, which is better: Spending $2,160 over 3 years for car washing services, or investing $1,500 with iShine on our Paint Protection services!

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