Can you Protect a Tesla Cyber Truck with a Ceramic Coating?

Yes, you can protect a Tesla Cybertruck with a ceramic coating, but with some caveats:

1. Stainless steel compatibility: While ceramic coatings are typically used on painted cars, specific formulas have been developed for stainless steel like the Cybertruck's.exclamation Brands like Ceramic Pro, Dr. Beasley's, Gtechniq offer these specialized coatings.

2. Not absolute protection: Ceramic coating primarily adds hydrophobic and hydrophobic properties, making the Cybertruck easier to clean and resistant to minor scratches, UV rays, and environmental elements. However, it won't prevent deep scratches, dents, or damage from severe impacts

3. Application Specifics: Applying ceramic coating to stainless steel requires different preparations and techniques compared to painted cars. Ensure the chosen coating is specifically designed for stainless steel (Dr. Beasley's Metal Coat) and that the applicato r has experience with similar vehicles.

4. Limited testing: While several companies offer Cybertruck ceramic coating services, the technology is still relatively new.

 Long-term durability and effectiveness might require further testing.

Alternatives to consider:

  • Paint Protection Film (PPF): Offers thicker protection against scratches and impacts but can alter the vehicle's look and requires precise installation.
  • Tesla Cybertruck Armor Kits: Aftermarket add-ons, like those from Unimog USA, provide physical protection for off-road driving.

Before deciding:

  • Contact iShine to help you make a sound decision when choosing a Protection Plan for your Cybertruck.
  • Ultimately, the decision depends on your desired level of protection, budget, and how you intend to use your Cybertruck.


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